Tuesday, April 1, 2014

to begin again...

writing has never been my thing...my sister she can write...me not so much.  But I have been having this feeling that I need to get back to this space that I started so long ago.  It won't be what it started out as...but a place to write and document my running journey.

I am coming up on a year anniversary of the event that kicked me in the butt and changed me for the good.  Last May (2013) I did a Ragnar Relay...I was running but not enough, I wallowed in self pity, had excuses of why not to run.  Ragnar Cape Cod came...it was an amazing experience...I was not amazing, I was the weak link, I was the one everyone waited for...I was slow, I was an easy "kill" to other teams running...I was a disappointment to myself.

I came back from Ragnar...ready to change, ready to take my life back...ready to find the new me!  So I found a half marathon in September...I made a training schedule...I followed it to a T...I ran by myself never missing a day. 

I lost weight, I felt better, I felt like ME!!!  I ran the Suftown Half Marathon with friends...I was proud of me...I wasn't the fastest out there...but that meant there will be room for improvement.

And there has been...

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